Looking for new mods!

Looking for new mods!

a REALLY rushed picture i did in 30 mins, random pony with random combo of grey-scale shadings (gone in about 30 secs to finished) and line-art, please leave notes on how i can improve C:


We also received this one during the challenge earlier and frankly I am not sure why.

If you just wanted to show us and get some practice in that’s cool I suppose o3o

The only real note I have regarding quality is that the picture back hind leg’s position seems kind of unnatural in relation to the other leg and the rest of the body. Maybe work on proportions just a smidge.

It seems like a solid picture to me really.

Though again, if this was for an actual challenge I don’t know what.


Leonard Nimoy’s last tweet.

I wasn’t planning on doing another non-pony today. But right around our Euro Challenge earlier… well I heard the news. And this guy deserves it.

Keepin’ it classy with SFW only obviously.

Draw anything you want Leonard Nimoy related. It can be some sort of farewell, a celebration of his life, hanging out with Robin Williams in the afterlife, some Star Trek thing in his prime, et cetera. As long as it celebrates the man.

You’ve got 45 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit. It is only logical.