Today’s Cadance Challenge is… Party Poppers!

Ponies using them to celebrate and stuff o3o/) anything goes as long as there’s a pone and a popper!

You’ve got 30 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun~

UGH. The end of this year is kicking my arse.

Sorry for the again lost Celestia Challenge. Cadance should continue as usual.

Going to try to do a 3 day weekend of bonus challenges starting tomorrow through sunday to make up for this fail week.

See you in 50 minutes!

It looks like we did get at least this one. I’ll post it now for the sleepy boy.

Thanks for participating despite the snooze cruise Dogg!

Anyone else, as snore lord said, you are free to submit and it’ll get put up later.

ALSO for the next Luna Challenge we’ll have a guest challenge runner! Someone that used to run the Celestia (Asian) Challenge when it was first established! So, keep an eye out for that!

The box shoulda been open an hour ago but!.. I fell asleep…  The box is now open and I’ll just leave it as such all night since it’s getting pretty late now.  Drop in your stuff when you get the chance and we’ll post it in the morning, or drop it off tomorrow or during this week’s roundup~  Sorry!

Somepony’s throwing a New Year’s bash, but the Mane 6 weren’t invited!  Their invites were lost in the mail.  Or something.  Anyway, draw a New Year’s party featuring only background ponies.  Whoever you want, doing whatever they want to ring in the new year.  I’mma give you a good, long hour on this one, good luck!