Happy Nightmare Night!

Today’s Cadance Challenge is… Ponies going as other Ponies!

Draw anypony you like as either their alternate form, a younger/older version of itself, or as one of the princesses (even if its a stallion)

You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit! Have Fun!

Looks like some ponies are going to be having a fun nightmare night!
Thank you both for submitting. Hope you had fun. We hope to see you back here for some later challenges!

Also, don’t forget the roundup is still on! If you have art you didn’t get to submit before or that you have worked on since it went up, here is your chance to submit it!

Artists Included:
Hundashter (http://hundashter.tumblr.com/)
Sidon-S (http://sidon-s.deviantart.com)