Looks like we got a lost sheriff hiding up here. Meanwhile Button Mash cannot wait to play Half-Life 3… IN VIRTUAL REALITY! I’m with ya, kid. It’s taken them this long, might as well make it 3x as awesome!

Thanks for the draws, and we’ll see you later with more challenge!

Artists Included:

Hundashter (http://hundashter.tumblr.com/)
Pabbles (http://pabbley.tumblr.com/)

Today’s Cadance Challenge is… Button Mash!

Ponyville’s finest little gamer, today Button Mash takes the stage to default everyone in any game! He’s got the high scores on every arcade cabinet in town, knows all the combos and movesets to every character in every fighting game, and is notorious for falling asleep in class due to late night gaming marathons (much to Cheerilee’s dismay). Some say he’s also got a crush on Sweetie Belle, but who’s to say? Anyway, draw some fukken’ Button Mash!

You’ve got 30 mins to create followed by 15 to submit! Enjoy!

Art sources: