Today’s Non Pony Cadance Challenge is… Rick and Morty!

Season 3 coming soon! Woot woot!

Just do anything relating to Rick and Morty it’s all good. Ponifications welcome. Crazy made up shenanigans welcome. All that jazz.

Also I realized Rick and Morty could absolutely release a series of Where’s Waldo style books and it would work amazingly.

Anyway, 45 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun~

Is it just me, or does Tempest Shadow from the new MLP Movie trailer look somewhat similar to your character?

I guess the color scheme is similar? These things are bound to happen now and then. Made my OC way before Equestria Girls came out, been compared to Sunset Shimmer multiple times.

Anywho, consider this the 1 hour reminder! Challenge on it’s way soon!