Wow! We got Granny smith from all ages! From little apple, teenager, and even not-dead-yet!

Thank you to ononim, KD, and xbi for participating! Hope you all had fun!!
We hope to see you back later for more challenges!!

Artists Included:

ononim (
KD (
xbi (

Today’s Cadance challenge is Granny Smith!!

The matriarch of the Apple family, Granny Smith cares about her whole family and wants what’s best for them. She is also super knowledgeable in the history of  Ponyville and can tell stories from throughout it’s history. Draw this loving grandma at any point in her long and storied life!

You have 30 Minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit! Have fun!

Today’s Celestia Challenge is… Applejack at the the Juice Bar!

AJ has been working a summer job in the Canterlot Mall, cutting up fruits and vegetables and blending them into tasty smoothies. At one point, she seemed bored, but eventually she makes it more fun using her skills and creativity! And the customers are happy with the service!

You have 30 minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit! Have Fun!