inbox void

In a way the inbox is a void. The art gets drawn in from many sources at great speeds. The uncertainly of what else it might find within and the wonder of how it might be reacted to. Just the art in the box trapped until the mod allows it to be seen by those who wish to see it.

So take 30 minutes to draw someone experiencing their time in the inbox, however you might see it. You will have 15 minutes to send something into the inbox after that…… hopefully we can have discord keep up an anti  enigma field around it just for this challenge.

The Cadance challenge today is Vaults! Be it athletic vaults, banks vaults, cutie mark vaults, Fallout vaults, or any other kind you can think of!

You know the drill, take ponies and vaults, put ‘em together, then present us with the results! 

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. See y’all soon! 


Today’s Celestia Challenge is… the next Daring Do story!

Everyone’s favourite adventurer returns in other thrilling instalment! But what’s it about? Could it be another quest for treasure? A huge mystery-solving expedition? Or something completely out of left field? It’s completely up to you!

You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit!

Have Fun!