Today’s Special Challenge is…

Happy New Year Messages Wishes Quotes 2021

A better new year!

Draw anything that you think will be cool for the new year! FiM returns? Boobs? A new delicious flavor nobody ever heard of? More art of Quick Draw? Whatever your heart desires in 2021!

We’re takin’ it chill and making this a 24 hour challenge! See you tomorrow with whatever you come up with while hung over or bored! 😀

As usual draw as many or as few things as you want with as little or as much time, as long as you’re done with it 24 hours from now! Box will be open the whole time!

See you in 2021!

1st rule of rpgs, don’t question the logic of the armor, less is more! And Quick Draw’s ready to fight!

Thanks for the submissions, everyone! Hope you had fun, we’ll see you all for the next challenge!

Artists Featured:

ShinyFilthyWork (
Pabbley (

tonight’s Luna challenge is…ponies in O&O/DnD!

Ogres & Oubliettes is quite popular in Equestria, similar to our world’s equivalent, Dungeons and Dragons. Thanks to Discord’s magic, the game is real! So who’s playing tonight? What class will they choose, how do they play? Or perhaps they’re the dungeon master, setting up all the traps and monsters to watch the others in amusement.

either way, you’ve got 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit!