Today’s Twilight Challenge is…

35 Hilarious Porn Movie Clichés | Thought Catalog

TourCast 54: Plots in Porn are Stupid – TourCast

Porno Premises in MLP! Likely the cheesiest ones!

Feel free to use familiar characters, your own, make new ones, whatever works. Also feel free to go Equestria Girls, regular pones/zebras/griffons/whatever, et cetera. The world is your porny oyster.

Heck it doesn’t even have to be SFW if you just wanna do some goofy jokes 😀

You’ve got 45 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun~

The Luna challenge is…Pinkie Pie’s Secret Stashes!

Balls, Eyepatches, baking supplies, cakes, she has a secret stash for everything! Your job is to root them out and reveal their locations and whereabouts. Good luck!

You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!