Today’s Celestia Challenge is Hearths Warming Ornaments!!


No hearth’s warming tree is complete without a good set of ornaments. There are so many types too! For places, for characters, for people and even just simple pretty ones. Draw whatever type of pony ornament you think would look good on the tree this year!


You have 30 minutes to draw, then 15 minutes to submit! Have fun!

Today’s Twilight Challenge is…

Related image

Related image

A whole new world! Well, sort of. If we’re starting from the beginning over here we may as well begin with the beginning, right?

So draw some G1 ponies! Of course, the style is up to you. But the characters should be something G1! And I have a list here if that helps.

Think of it as a chance to reinvent a pone or two! Make ’em your own~

You’ve got 45 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun~