Maud challenge

Todays twilight challenge is maud pipe. The pie sister who was hidden during pinkies flashback only to become the most well known of the sisters due to getting episodes focused around her.

So take 30 minutes drawing something up then 15 minutes to send it in.

Umbrella challenge

It’s raining it’s pouring…. wait dash said we didn’t have any rain for three more days. I don’t even have an umbrella on me! Oh wait here one is nevermind.

Yup that’s the theme. Todays challenge is the simple umbrella. While it has its usual use you are not limited by it so take 30 minutes to draw something up then 15 minutes to send it in.

Random pony generator

Todays twilight challenge is the random pony generator. Using below take a screenshot or use the snipping tool to design and then make a new character for the next 45 minutes then you get 15 minutes to send it in. And of course have lotsa fun.

Original source is marked as tumblr sensitive but here is a link that works still to show where it came from