Official Move/Restructuring Of 30MinChallenge

It’s tragic that we have to do this but after weeks of absolutely nothing from the Tumblr staff on this issue we are officially moving the challenge blog to the holding blog we have had going.

That means that all 30MinChallenge activities will be returning to one central Tumblr blog, yes. No more challenges or challenge related posts at asksolarflair or asainponyartchallenge.

This move does come with changes however. Tumblr is no longer our centralized base of operations.

We will still use Tumblr as a method of art submission and possibly as a gallery but we have learned that it can not be trusted as a primary source, as I’m sure you can all understand.

Questions, Challenges, and so on, will now primarily be handled at

If you for some reason have something against Deviant Art then we are sorry. Hopefully our tumblr will still keep you up to date with notices of challenges taking place and so on.

NSFW art is still accepted as it has been but it will be going straight to Derpibooru if it’s too provacative for DA and both NSFW and anonymous art should be submitted here to this tumblr.

The Rules and FAQ pages have some light updates for you to peruse should you wish.

Hopefully this will only mean good things for us! It sucks to have to restart but in a way we are branching out and may attract new artists. Also we shouldn’t have to deal with nasty crippling security breaches like the one that bit us on the butt.

As a bonus page has a chat box and poll system we will be using! Feel free to chat at your heart’s desire and look forward to polls!

We are also uploading our backlog of art from years on Tumblr to DA and Derpibooru right now. Sadly this has to be done picture by picture and will take quite some time… but it’ll be nicely organized and tagged in the end! Consider it an opportunity to really check out a bunch of art you may not have ever looked at before as we plod along at uploading it all.

New beginnings! New opportunities! Huzzah!

Join us in rebuilding even bigger and better!

Looking forward to the restoration. I’m not sure what the supposed hacker’s purpose is, but it’s nice to see the current staff up and recovering.

To be honest, we’re not even sure. Maybe they’re bored, maybe they have some kind of motive/ill-will to the blog or the mods themselves, we don’t know and probably won’t. But yes, we are trying to recover as best as we can under the circumstances.

What exactly happened with that hacking?!?

From what I can gather, someone hacked one of our mods and started messing with the blog. Since we can’t forcibly remove people from the blog, and it seems the hacker won’t leave willingly anytime soon, there’s nothing we can do about it except wait for staff to do something about it.

Unfortuantely, it’s been about a week now and there still hasn’t been any action taken on their part and this is making Solar quite irritated. At this point it’s just a waiting game, emphasis on game for the hacker.

i dont think its about restoring the old tumblr, i think solar wants the old one back as a matter of pride or it could be the old one had a sentimental value to him. i know if somethin happened to my ask tumblr id want it back cause its the first thing i did after gettin outa my depression and startin to draw again so it means alot to me. if i were in his situation id probably want the old tumblr back even if theres nothin left to save.

It’s not so much pride or sentimentality, it’s just we still have a lot of followers who are a bit lost with what’s going on. We’re still getting messages from some of them concerning the matter. Getting the blog back would just make it easier for our followers and prevent any more confusion.

Why don’t you just start up again on this blog, instead of trying to reclaim the old one? It’s not like the pictures can be retrieved from it now. (They’ve all been deleted.) Starting over here seems like the easier option, since you’d have to start over anyway.

 It’s something we’re considering, but Solar is adamant about getting the old blog back. I’m not sure how restoring it will work, since, as you said, all the posts were deleted manually I don’t believe there’s a way to get them back, but after the hacker is dealt with, we’ll be figuring out where to go from there.

Any idea how long you think it will take until you get the blog back again? And (other than the blog that was posting the stuff earlier today) do you know who is responsible?

Unfortunately, there’s no telling how long it’ll be til the old blog is back to normal. We just have to wait until staff gets back to Solar since he’s the one who put in the report. For now, challenges will be held over on asksolarflair for the Euro and American and asianponyartchallenge for the Asian and will continue to be until everything is back to normal.

As for who is responsible,

“For now we don’t want to speculate on who may be behind the acts.” -Solar Flair

i have to agree with this because it may cause more unnecessary problems.