It’s Christmas Eve,

And I hope wherever you are you’re getting to spend it with the famil/ry of your choosing.


So tonight, your Cadence challenge is, in the way of the princess of love herself, draw love and famiry, be it by blood or not.

You have 45 minutes to draw, and 15 to submit. Box will open at 9:50 CST.

And because … screw it, it’s Christmas. So, shit lets be Santa: you can draw non-pony art if you’d like.


Go draw! =)

Prepare for trouble, and make it ..pony? …Gotta work on that.

Well we’re blasting off from the past and digging up an old fandom fave. Ponymon!

So draw ponies as



as ponies – poké-pony fusions or ponies with



You have 45 minutes to draw (Thanks to all that rare candy you’ve been eating. We know. We saw.) And 15 to submit.

And as always. Praise Helix.

*Original Pokémon theme plays in the distance*