Today’s Twilight challenge is…Favorite Original EQG Girls!

With the second season of Equestria Girl’s having been announced, I figure lets celebrate our favorite characters who have originated from that series!

Sunset Shimmer, Wallflower Blush, The Dazzlings, Sugarcoat, and many more! So who’s your favorite from the series? Draw them tonight!

30 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. Have fun!

The Luna Challenge this time is… Sweetie Belle the Wizard!

She’s still a bit young, so she can’t do much outside of basic levitation right now, but imagine what she’d be able to do if she got a mastery of her unicorn powers?

You have 30 minutes to draw, and 15 to submit!


Angel bunny

Todays twilight challenge is angel bunny. I think she is the pet who seems to have the most screen time out of all the main six pets. I could be wrong of course since this is just a feeling i have but that’s why i thought lets give angel this challenge!

You get 30 minutes to draw it out then 15 minutes to send the bunny into the inbox. Then i’ll pull it out and show you what was made.

Whoop, doggo distraction!

Sorry for the delay, my dog was being distracting. Quick prompt time so it’s not even later!

Go ahead and use that name generator with your own name and gender preference… then draw art of the creation using as much or as little of the info as you like! As long as you use, you know, the name at least.

We’ll go with 45 minutes on this one both to compensate for the weird start time and to let you get your pony going!

Have fun~

mask challenge

Sure people were metaphorical masks depending on who they are with but this time I am talking about literal masks. be they for fun or for fashion or for hiding your secret identity, so long as you hide your cutie mark too, masks can serve a great number of purposes.

So take 30 minutes to draw someone with a mast then 15 minutes to send it into the inbox.