The challenge for tonight’s Luna is…Non-pony Silverstream race swap!

So Silverstream can swap from a Hippogriff to a Hippocampus ( aka sea horse ) as we all know. But what I wanna see is her turning into OTHER races! But, as it’s Friday and hence a non-pony challenge day, ya can’t draw her as a pony! So draw her as any other race in equestria you want to!

30 minutes to draw, 15 to submit! Have fun!

NSFW art~!

Hmm, well, they are both wearing masks, and their hooves look clean…so I guess this is completely acceptable quarantine behavior!

Thanks for taking part in the challenge today, washyourhands! Hope you and everyone else is staying safe out there, and we’ll have more challenges for ya soon!

Artist: washyourhands (

The Luna challenge today is…Equestria under Quarantine!

Imagine they have what we’re having! Maybe it’s worse, maybe it’s better, but the entire country, maybe the entire PLANET is under quarantine! What’s it look like? Are the various races complying? How long has it gone for? All questions you get to give the answers to!

45 minutes to draw, and 15 to submit. Have fun and don’t forget to wash your hooves/hands frequently!

The BIG MACK challenge today is…Big Mac as a Mack! ( alternative working title, A Mac by any other name is just as Mack )

For the next TWO HOURS, I want YOU to draw Big Mac interacting with/being/becoming ANYTHING ELSE that has Mack/Mac in the name! Go wild! It’s a crazy day in a crazy year, make it crazy!

Remember, you have TWO HOURS ( 2 hours )to do this one! Big Mac is BIG after all! And you’ll have THIRTY MINUTES ( 30 minutes ) to submit at the end!