sleeping challenge

Sleeping is something everyone needs to do and maybe you should even be doing it now who knows I certainly don’t know your sleep routine. Either way thats tonights luna challenge theme. So pick a character and give them a few z’s.

You get 30 minutes to draw something up then 15 minutes to send it in. After that you can get a few Z’s of your own. I know I will.

tonight’s non pony luna challenge is…..spider-man!

Spider-man does whatever a spider can! Swinging from webs, taking down bad guys and still considered a menace to some! Spider-man has accomplished many things over the years! Quite a few different costumes to choose from and a few different people taking on the role of spider-man as well! What sort of heroic deed is he doing this evening?

you’ve got 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit!