NSFW Art!~

Don’t question it, just eat it! It IS Pinkie Pie after all, so there’s no way it can taste bad!

Thanks so much for taking part in today’s chilly Twilight challenge, MKogwheel! We hope you decide to join us again very soon!

Artist: MKogwheel (https://twitter.com/MKogwheelR18)

And today’s Twilight challenge is…

Frozen Ponies! It’s pretty cold out in a lot of places right now, so let’s see some ponies experiencing the same thing! So freeze some equestrian’s however you wanna do it!

30 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. Don’t go getting cold feet now, ya hear?

Photo Finish lookin pretty stoic, she knows there’s magicks to be found!

Thanks for the submission, Xbi, hope you had fun. We’ll see you again for the Twilight challenge!

Artist: xbi
URL: http://xbi.deviantart.com