*Inhales deeply* Ahhh, ya smell that? That’s the scent of cringe! Congratulations! Also, I’m sorry I inspired you to do this, but also thank you for taking part in the challenge today, teenorgy. Sometimes, making terrible things can be fun!

Artist: teenorgy (http://)

NSFW Art~!

We have a piece of art from the french kissing challenge! SciSet are clearly enjoying themselves to the fullest! You go, girls!

Thanks for submitting for that challenge, ShinyFilthyWork!

Artist: ShinyFilthyWork (


Well…that is terrifying, and I feel sorry for poor Luna. Also I dread the entity that was capable of forcing her to wear the moonman mask.

Thanks for participating tonight, Derpanater!

Artist: Derpanater (


So much wood everywhere! And with so many bones about, she must be one happy hound!

Both the artists who submitted did so anonymously, so thank you mystery artists! You pieces and participation are appreciated.


Uh…umm….wh-which….are you….there’s an implication here, with the outfit and stuff, Golden Harvest, and I just…wanna make sure I’m not getting mixed messages, yeah?

Thanks for taking time to take part today, gloss!

Artist: gloss (