Looks like everyone got together for game night today. Although i hope ember doesn’t walk in to try some pony activities. might be a bit awkward to explain to her.

We got a lot of great art here so thanks to

Jargon Scott (https://twitter.com/Jargon_Scott)
Pabbles (https://twitter.com/pabbley)
xbi (https://xbi.deviantart.com)

You all did great

Dragon pit dress up

Todays twilight challenge is dressing up for the game dragon pit. I’m sure even if they took it easy those costumes took quite a bit to make and life size games have to bring a challenge. So for today draw someone with one of these costumes. What they are doing is up to you.

You get 45 minutes to draw something up then 15 to send it into the inbox. And as always have fun with that.