Oscar Mike, reporting for duty! One of the finest soldiers in the clone army made up of only the finest soldiers, even though they kicked him out.

Derpanater, thank you so much for taking part in this challenge! Hope you had fun, and hope to see you in our inbox again real soon!

Artist: Derpanater (

And the Luna challenge is….Ponify Battleborn!

Now, I can already hear you saying, ‘ WTF, Battleborn? You mean that game everyone compares to Overwatch, that died on arrival?

Yes, yes that Battleborn. It’s a game near and dear to my heart, and I love it. And alas, today is it’s last day to live, as the servers will shut down on the 31st of January, and all access to the game will cease forever.

SO, I’d like to see some ponifications of it’s characters. Just as a little tribute or nod or even just as a sendoff to this game that got the short end of the stick.

You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Thank you, and may their battle never end.


sculpture/statue challenge

todays challenge is all about statues and sculptures. regardless of the material, subject, or reason to be made they can tell a lot about the time they were created.  And that is the challenge

For the next 30 minutes draw something up related to statues or sculptures and send it in when we open the inbox. you’ll have 15 minutes to send it in at that point.

Shego as a pony and a unicorn at that. I’m honestly not surprised she is a unicorn because really we don’t get much earth pony or pegasi that are evil. Just unicorns and non pony citizenry for the most part. I will say im curios about how her glowy hands…. i mean hoofs work and the deal with all her brothers. Could be quite the fun fanfic…. hint hint.

Joking aside thanks to Empyu ( for the submission and see you next time.

It seems that ron has something to say boo yah about for sure. The only question is how this happened. A diabolical tactic by dr draken to distract the heros or did something happen with a personality or emotional manipulator again? Either way I figure ron is half scared and half aroused and completly horny. I just hope rufus is out of the room or he might be mistaken for a little toy.

Thanks to Sunny Sidde-Down ( for this submission