Discord x maud


For some reason I got in my mind today the saying opposites attract. Because of that i asked my friends which characters from mlp fit that theme the best and while there were a few suggestions this due was the only one to get multiple mentions so thats who we are going with. Maud and discord, or discord and maud as a pair.

So you get 45 minutes for this challenge followed by 15 to send it into the inbox right after. And as always have fun with it.

Ice skating challenge

Todays challenge is ice skating. Being winter there are lots of winter activities to do. Most of them have to do with snow, but if you water a frozen lake to make it nice and smooth you can get a nice ice rink. So after it freeze you can do some skating. you can just sake, do some sports, or fall on your face once on the ice.

So take 30 minutes to draw someone ice skating and then 15 to send it into the inbox.

non show art came from here 

Rainbow the flying reindeer

Todays theme comes from the 2015 holiday comic from mlp. Rainbow the flying reindeer. Seeing her in the mlp app game made me remember the comic and here she is the star of this theme! A bit of an oddity as reindeer don’t usually have wings, but this one does and gets conne…… asked to help luna deliver fruit baskets.

Anyway for this theme you got 30 minutes to draw this deer holiday story and then 15 minutes to send it into the inbox.