Cleaning challenge

Todays twilight challenge is the cleaning challenge. it’s spring and spring cleaning is a thing. And even if you don’t live in a mess sometimes you need to do an extra level of cleaning to get things up to snuff so to speak. So that is why cleaning up messes of making things shine needs to come up from time to time.

So for the next 30 minutes a cleaning challenge is what you have and then 15 minutes to send it in. And cleanliness counts.

Well twilights having a fun night. I can’t help but wonder if she is reading the new underground book Daring do and the golden shaft of Ahuizotl, but no matter what she is very into it as I’m sure you can tell.

Thank you to anon for this submission

book challenge

For twilights challenge how can it be anything except books? I mean you all had to assume it was going to be what she brought to the table so to speak.

They can be used for study or entertainment and if you’re really clever you can use them for things like working out with weights, decorating your house, or killing a bug.

So for the next 30 minutes draw something about someone and a book and then take 15 minutes to send it in.

It could just be me but this feels like something like a painting you might see in a nobles home of a lovely married couple to show off to guests… is it just me? it’s probably just me.

Either way thanks to the anon who sent this in and see you next time.