Alrighty! let’s see what we…got…oh my god…it’s a Pabblespocalyps!

EVERYONE did Pabbles! Even the one guy who did other people did Pabbles! What an amazing outcome!

Ironically, only Pabbles themselves didn’t do themselves! Though I mean, it’s not like they could, given the challenge, but still! They emulated Jargon Scott, by the way! Who ALSO participated, and did Pabbles! INSANITY!  

Thanks for all the wonderful submissions everyone! This has been a super fun challenge! I hope you all come back and draw for us again real soon!

Artists Included:

Jargon Scott (
Zemer (
Moonatik (
Keboponda (
Pabbles (

Today’s Twilight challenge is Style Emulation! Be it of another artist, or artists plural, or of other shows or cartoons, or even comics! Inside the fandom or outside of it, whatever you want, just do your best to emulate another art style, and then submit your results! 

You have 45 minutes to draw, and 15 minutes to submit. Happy drawing!