Demonic Yona looks like a mix between the Juggernaut and a Viking warrior! Which honestly makes sense. And then we get a much cuter demonification of the background six!

Thanks for taking the time to take part in this challenge you two!

Sunny Sidde-Down (
demonifier (http://)

Late NSFW entry~!

While it wasn’t completed in the allotted time given, we here at 30 minute challenge like art, so we’re putting it up anyway!

I wonder who forgot the date though? Because I can see this working for either of them as a punishment for forgetting it. Either way, they’re clearly having fun!

Thanks for taking the time to do the challenge, Sunny-Sidde Down! Even if ya were a little late at the end.

Artist: Sunny Sidde-Down (


Ooh, the implications! Seems like Octavia is the one who took the initiate on their first date~

Thanks for taking part in the challenge today, xbi! Come by again anytime!

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NSFW Art~!

Now the question is, are they naked because ponies don’t normally wear clothes? Or because the date is about to get spicey~?

Thanks for the submission Pabbles! Always glad to see you stop by!

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NSFW art~

This was also in the box, a submission for the Vinyl and Sunset challenge, and…well, it seems like they wanted to delve deep into the depths of their friendship for one another! And I for one am loving it, and it seems like so are they!

Thank you to the anonymous artist who sent this in! Hope you’ll join us again soon!