Demonic Yona looks like a mix between the Juggernaut and a Viking warrior! Which honestly makes sense. And then we get a much cuter demonification of the background six!

Thanks for taking the time to take part in this challenge you two!

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demonifier (http://)

Late NSFW entry~!

While it wasn’t completed in the allotted time given, we here at 30 minute challenge like art, so we’re putting it up anyway!

I wonder who forgot the date though? Because I can see this working for either of them as a punishment for forgetting it. Either way, they’re clearly having fun!

Thanks for taking the time to do the challenge, Sunny-Sidde Down! Even if ya were a little late at the end.

Artist: Sunny Sidde-Down (


Ooh, the implications! Seems like Octavia is the one who took the initiate on their first date~

Thanks for taking part in the challenge today, xbi! Come by again anytime!

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NSFW Art~!

Now the question is, are they naked because ponies don’t normally wear clothes? Or because the date is about to get spicey~?

Thanks for the submission Pabbles! Always glad to see you stop by!

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NSFW art~

This was also in the box, a submission for the Vinyl and Sunset challenge, and…well, it seems like they wanted to delve deep into the depths of their friendship for one another! And I for one am loving it, and it seems like so are they!

Thank you to the anonymous artist who sent this in! Hope you’ll join us again soon!

She may be a cellist but she’s also an excellent pianist.

Also she handles dick good.

Thanks for participating Empyu, hope you had fun!

Sorry for the lateness of this art post, was unable to stay awake, as I was not the original host of the Celestia challenge.

As a result of covering that it is unlikely we’ll have a Cadance Challenge today as well, though you can feel free to check back in case someone takes it up.