Six Moms!

Oooh, an ambitious piece! I hope you have a shot at finishing it up, it’s lookin’ good!

Thanks for participating 6KBees! Hope ya had fun!

… does Mrs. Shy still just have the name Mrs. Shy? Has she not gotten a strong fan name or canon name? Oh well…

(I forgot to add the link to this one, ack! And now I don’t have it…)

Windy Whistles is the best mom isn’t she? Sure she’ll embarrass Rainbow Dash from time to time but in the end she’s always there to help her Little Dashie.

Thanks mpushomework and Selbbap for providing these awesome mom moments!

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Both Rarity and Dashie get along great with their mothers! Rarity shares a sweet snack with moms, and Windy even gets a nice backrub from her daughter.

Thank you everyone for joining us today, hope to see you two for more challenges later!

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Ponies are so creative with their headwear! Drawing inspiration from all sorts of fun and strange sources! 

Thank you everyone so much for joining us, please join us later for more fun challenges!!

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Woah, JumbleHorse got bizzay! We’ve also got some good from behind entries and a snazzy RD in a dress~

Nobody saw the marriage of Twilight and Luigi coming. It must be those plumber boys’ innate attraction to princesses. It helps that it’s the human Twi, of course! Now they can live nerdily ever after~


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