Horny is the head that wears the crown it seems. Then again, the Vampire Fucker whip also has that effect judging by Belmont’s Bellend.

Harshwhinny? She just unprofessional. And Lulu is an anal slut. Can’t help herself.

Artists Included:

lockezero (http://lockensfwstuff.tumblr.com)

That’s why they throw ‘em instead of lettin’ those eaty eggs hatch, eh?

Dragons: pony Yoshis?

Yoshi and pone, who rides who?

Anywho… a fun time. Sorry it came late and thanks for participating!

See ya later~

Artists Included:

TJPones (http://TJPones.tumblr.com)
Yakoshi (http://yakoshi-draws-ponies.tumblr.com)
Pabbles (http://pabbley.tumblr.com/)