Ey, let’s draw a griffon tonight.  And not one of those boring pleb griffons, this guy’s a king!  King Grover.  Y’know, found the Idol of Boreas?  Made Griffonstone a great kingdom?  Immortalized as a statue that Pinkie talked to that one time?  Yeah, you got this.  Draw him in thirty minutes, good luck~

There’s no better treatment than a little bit of love~

Thanks for the draws, y’all!

Artists Included:

Vanilla Cherry Cream (http://vanilla-cherry-cream.tumblr.com/)
Somali (https://brapbrapbrapwatchingpuppiesdrop.tumblr.com/)
M.K. R18 (http://mk-r18.tumblr.com/)
FlutterThrash (http://flutterthrash.tumblr.com/)