The pink one is capable of many things. Yes.

Hey, ya can’t pout when you’re the one showin’ off da butt, that taildo is way high gurl.

Thanks for participating Fakskis and Pabbles! Hope ya had fun!

We’ll see you all later for more stuff! Bye for now~


Today’s challenge is…A typical day in Appleloosa

Every time we go there, something crazy is going on. Is it coincidence? Or is there ALWAYS something going on, and we only see the most extreme cases that require Mane 6 attention? You decide!

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. YEE-HAW!


Dash has somehow gotten hold of an ancient weapon from a more civilized age, this can only end awesomely.

Thanks for your participation, Pabbles! I’m certain you had as much fun drawing her as she will have destroying everything with that blade.

Artist: Pabbley (