That’s the kinda thing you’d find in a museum, or an evil villains lair! And speaking of evil villains…damn, Starlight! Guess Cozy Glow will never get to be unstoned now! Not a huge loss, really.

Thanks so much you two, for taking hte time to participate tonight! Hope you had fun, and we’ll see you next time!

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The Luna challenge today is…Statue Busts!

Here we see some busts of the Pillars of Equestria, as seen in the show. But there’s gotta be a lot of these things all over the place, given how many important ponies and creatures there are in Equestria! Like these two pieces I found! Pick whomever you want, and make a bust of them!

you have 30 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!


The Luna challenge is…80’s Hairstyles!

Here’s a few examples of the wild styles of the 80’s. Hairspray can do amazing stuff, eh? Oh, and magic of course. Draw whomever or whatever you wish, sporting a hairdo from the era of neon and mixtapes!

you have 30 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. ´┐╝Have a radical time!


Two from one, and one from another! Be it medical mask, cyber swag, or military grade gas mask,be sure to be safe out there everyone!

Thank you Floofu and Derpanater for your participation for this one! Glad you stopped by, and hope you’ll join us again soon!

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