The Luna challenge is…The Heroes of Future Equestria!

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 8 Final
The Pillars of Equestria and their Founder
Power PoniesWe know the mane six are heroes, and that at least Celestia is, but who else? Are the Pillars of Harmony still revered? What about the Student Six, who seem to have gone on to do great things!? And what of the Power Ponies? Has their comic line ended in the world of gen 5?  Or are there new heroes that have cropped up in the intervening years?

You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!

Artist for middle two images:
Artist for bottom image:


Two very Peeved creatures indeed!

Now, I left the box open by mistake and well, Pabbles did some extra work on their piece and submitted it again, after the official timer was long over. But i’m a Simp for Dash, so, i’m including it in this post. Just wanna make it clear that they didn’t make the following piece in 30 minutes or less.

And that’s all, folks!

Derpanater, Pabbles, thanks you for dropping by to do us an art!

Derpanater (
Pabbley (

The Luna challenge is…Gum in their Hair!

How it got there, who can say, but let’s see some ponies with gum stuck in their manes, tails, fur, or all of the above!

You have 30 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!



It’s…it to perfect, we…we can’t air the show like this! It will cause the minds of everyone who sees it to melt from the righteous holy light of Celestia herself!

Thanks for submitting Pabbles!

Artist: Pabbley (

The Luna challenge is…Alternate style for the Gen 5 trio!

So up top we have the 3D cg, and then the alleged 2d style for Gen 5. But, love it or hate it, is it what you pictured it’d be? Would you want it some other way? Perhaps one of the ways in the third image, or something else entirely!

Lets see what you come up with for the gen 5 trio, as a totally different style than the two we’ve seen!

You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!