Awww that cute baby alien that J helped birth is all grown up. Look at that cute smile she has and how expressive her eyes are. I bet he is so proud to have helped bring her into this world… wait does that saying work for situations like this?

Either way thanks to anon for this art as well and see you later.

I could have sworn that this was posted already and that there was an artist, but maybe I’m wrong. I mean my memory has been a bit wacky tonight, but I’m not sure why. Wait why is that pony down there oozing… and why are your… whats that metal glowy thing that…

Hmmm oh right I’m thanking anon for art. Thanks for reminding me.

Men in black

Todays luna non pony challenge is the men in black. A secret group to help deal with the fact there are aliens and people who aren’t ready to deal with them. You have a choice of agents, aliens and i think some machines the aliens who aren’t to big ride around in.

Regardless you got 30 minutes to draw something up then 15 to send it in.

Sweetie made such a cute hearts and hooves day card… or just an i love you card. Either way it looks adorable… I just…. don’t want to be the one to clean that up.

Thanks to Empyu ( for this submission and see you next time.