See this is why dash bugs aj so much. She just doesn’t want to admit that’s why. You know it, i know it, everyone except tank knows it so lets move on.

Thanks to Pabbles ( and see you all next time.

Trixie i’m not sure this is the sort of magic that will work good on your stage. Off stage maybe…… definently.

Thanks to ShinyFilthyWork ( for this slightly ammusing submission.

Train challenge

Todays challenge focuses on, what i think is, the most common long distance travel in equestria. One of the very enjoyable and relaxing ways to get around without hiring someone to pull a cart, use a slow hot air balloon you could fall out of or relying on magic spells and wings.

So take 30 minutes to draw someone using, or maybe even enjoying, a train and then 15 minutes to send it into the inbox.