Sugarcoat looks to be a bit relaxed. I just have to wonder if she is at home or on the school bus. Maybe it’s just me but depending where she is this has an entirely different feel to it. Or maybe I am just over thinking it.

Either way thanks to washyourhands ( for this submission and see you all next time.

I’m not sure if this technically counts as a hat. We will have to ask mud briar for that, but regardless nobody looks upset so I say we give it a pass.

Thanks to  hexado for this art and see you all next time.

Boulder and his many hats

Well all know that being fashionable can be hard, but I think boulder pulls it off nicely. So that’s todays theme. Boulder with his various hats. It almost seems like he has more fashion choices than most ponies on the show.

So take 30 minutes to draw something regarding boulder and his fashionable hats. Then you get 15 minutes to send something into the inbox.

non canon art sourced here and here