For todays Asian challenge (and to continue from yesterdays challenge)

Draw any group of ponies settup up a booth at a convention/fair. It can be a science fair, or a big research covnention, or any kind of convention!

Due to scale, you have 45 minutes to draw with 15 minutes to submit. Good luck!

Today’s American Challenge and official relaunch of the blog in it’s new form is…

Rainbow Power Berry Punch!

Our first challenge previously was Berry Punch… so why not power her up for the first one this time around!?

Design your own Rainbow Power Berry Punch!

You’ve got 45 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun~

hey I see you guys are updating the deviantart, and you mention having a full archive somewhere bu I can’t find it. where would that be? or is it private? :3

It’s in progress. You can see what’s there so far under the ‘Archive’ folder in the group.

Also… One Hour Reminder!