Five images to really drive home the point of this very NSFW Cadance challenge, which is that Coco is an anal slut!

Nothing more to it than that, so lets see this naughty pony take it the way she wants it!

30 minutes to draw, 15 minutes to submit! There’s nothing secret about this mare’s love of buttfun! 

Artists: ( second image ) ( everything else )

The Cadance challenge today is being underwater! This can be accomplished in many different ways, from simply diving below the surface, or using magic to transform oneself into an aquatic creature, all the way to being in some form of vehicle or perhaps an underwater city! 

You have 45 minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit for this challenge. DIVE! DIVE! DIVE! * submarine alarm sounds go here *

Alternative Medicine is today’s Cadance challenge! In a world full of magic,we’ve seen seemingly normal medical doctors, but also shamans, medicine mares, and a whole slew of other kinds! Some work, some don’t, some are fakes on purpose! 

Lets see what kinds of alternative medicines you guys come up with!

30 minutes to draw 15 to submit. Have fun! 

For today’s Cadance challenge, I want you to place this prolific power couple in a setting between 1900 and 1950. Gangsters, Jazz, Noire! Whatever you want, let’s give these two some film grain and a bit o’ swing!

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. Betta git ta drawin’ now, see?


Honestly, why ISN’T there an MLP game in the skylanders style? Can you imagine it? It can only sell amazingly well! They already have awesome names that would work for it too, being used by other merc, Guardians of Harmony and Legends of Everfree! They could just go with Hereos Of Equestria if they wanted! 

Anyway, that is today’s Cadance challenge, to draw anything you can thunk of that would fit for an MLP game in the style of Skylanders! Figures, portals, accessories, whatever! 

You have 45 minutes to draw, and 15 to submit. Lets make this dream a reality! If only on paper. 

Ah, the lovely Stormy Flare, her age does not dilute her beauty at all! But she’s missing something….

So for today’s Cadance challenge, let’s ship this hottie so she’s not a solo act anymore! Pick a pony, or ponies, or anything really, and ship Spitfire’s mom with it, because Valentines day! ( Or Hearts and Hooves, whatever! ) 

30 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. A oneway ticket to MILFtown is headed your way! 

Overwatch ponies! That is today’s Cadance challenge! The newest overwatch event came out two days ago, so pick a pony, pick the overwatch character you think they fit best, then draw the combo! Bonus points for themeing them after one of the new event skins, or for making up your own! 

( DISCLAIMER: We here at 30minchallenge don’t actually distribute points, nor have any kind of rating or rewards system for the art of our participants. The points mentioned above are make believe and will not be actually distributed in any official capacity )

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. Who watches the Overwatch? We do! 


Ah, good old N64! For this Cadance challenge, I wanna see you give it an equestrian twist! What would the N64 be like if it existed in Equestria? Obviously we’d have pony themed games, but would it look different? Maybe have pony themed specialty consoles, like that pikachu one? You decide! 

Draw anything you can think of to do with an equestrian version of the N64! You have 30 minutes to do so, and 15 minutes to submit your results. Game on!