Today’s Non-pony Twilight challenge is…Moon’s Haunted!

The meme’s been around for a long time, but with the Shadowkeep expansion of Destiny 2, it’s been brought back up in a big way, even being part of their marketing campaign!

Anyway, so, the moon’s haunted…so what are you gonna do about it? Know anybody who can help? Got somebody to call? Maybe know a friendly ghost to help you out? Maybe talk to someone with first-hoof experience from years spent on the moon? Whatever you want really!

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit!


Today’s Luna challenge is…Equestrian police Reports!

Crazy stuff happens every day in equestria! So what must it be like to be on the police force? Having to write up reports on this stuff all the time!?! Getting first-hoof experience at crime scenes and probably even getting swept up in the chaos as it happens!

you have 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!

Today’s Twilight challenge is…Ponies The Galloping!

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! Our little ponies are officially coming to MTG!
So, lets see what YOU’D come up with for this! What other cards would be in a hypothetical starter deck? Or the card set? What about promo card art? SO many things to choose!

you have 45 minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit. Have fun, Plainstrotters!

Today’s Luna challenge is….Macaroni Ponies!

Be it a single sentient noodle, a pony made out of many pieces, an actual picture made of macaroni that you send it, or anything else, lets see some macaroni ponies tonight!

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. Have Fun!


Today’s Non-pony Twilight challenge is…Your Favorite Star Wars Video game character!!

So many games, so many characters! Show us who’s your favorite! Or favorites plural if you can’t decide!

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. May the Force be with you!

Today’s Luna challenge is…Drunk Alicorns!

The results of your drunk alicorn may vary, so show us what those results may be!

30 minutes to draw, 15 to submit! Have Fun!


Today’s Luna challenge is…Ponies as Borderlands characters!

To honor Borderlands 3, lets see your favorite ponies as whomsoever you think they’d best fit as in the Borderlands universe!

you have 30 minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit. Have fun!