The Cadence challenge for today is pony skeletons! 

Draw them inside a pony, draw them outside a pony! Have them chasing or fighting a pony or each other! In piles, re-animated, worn as a costume, drawn on as maekup, or even actual suits of skeleton armor made from bones! 

Whatever you do, you got 30 minutes to do it, and 15 to submit, so lets see what y’all come up with! 

Artists art used in order:

Today’s Twilight challenge is: Maps in Equestria! 

Maps of the world itself, or of places in the world! Local, regional, globes, atlases, treasure maps, ponies drawing maps, ponies reading maps, Maybe a pony who’s special talent IS maps! And/or, of course, the cutie mark map itself!

Draw whatever you can think of, but you only have 30 minutes to do it, and 15 minutes to submit the results! So get out there and get in touch with your inner cartographer! 

Today’s Twilight challenge is: Cloud…lawnmowing?

That’s right! Whatever it was that Dash’s dad was doing, draw that! Maybe he’s just really crappy at being a pegasus and can’t kick his lawn into shape anymore? Or maybe they really DO mow their cloud lawns! YOU DECIDE! Draw whoever you want, mowing cloud lawns! 

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit, have fun!