Today’s Twilight Challenge is… Sci-fi meets Ponies!!!

Oh no there’s been a time jump! Now there’s lasers and spaceships. I wonder how the ponies have come to adjust to all this new technology? Blaze the trail into parts unknown by drawing someone within this new setting!!

There’s 45 minutes to draw followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun~

RainbowPie and THE OMNISHIP, Fun meets cool and..uh…EVERYTHING MEETS EVERYTHING! Again, good pairs! 

Thanks go out to the two artists who submitted SFW works today, so thank ya! Hope you had fun, and will join us again soon!

Artists Included:

Tay (
Zemer (

RariPie and Twilestia! Fashion meets fun and Grace meets awkwardness, good pairings!

Thank’s you two, for making some lewd art for the Cadance challenge today! You are welcome back anytime!

Artists Included:

PoneBoning (
mpushomework (

Today’s Cadance challenge is OTP’s! Be it canon characters, OC’s, or anything in between, draw your ONE true pairing, emphasis on the ONE, cuz it seems like nobody actually FOLLOWS that part of the saying…

Anyway, OTP, draw dat, then put it in da box! And while nobody asked, I’ll tell you my OTP anyway! OctyScratch, always and forever.

You have 45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. Have fun drawing, everyone! 

Today’s Celestia Challenge is Flags!!!

Every country, city and territory seems to have their own flag, but some of them are kind of boring. Flags should represent the area they are for and they should give everycreature pride. What designs can you come up with for flags? Is it a redesign of one that exists or territories whose flag we may not have seen?

You have 30 minutes to draw and 15 minutes to submit! Have fun!!