Here’s a Celestia for Nightmare Night from the other daaaaay. No idea what the concept is m’self.

But yeah, site has been acting a bit fiddly. It actually did it again while I was posting this, so, woo.

Maybe this Celesteeeee is a curse? >:V

Anywho, hope to see you guys later for more stuff! Bye for now~



Well…that is terrifying, and I feel sorry for poor Luna. Also I dread the entity that was capable of forcing her to wear the moonman mask.

Thanks for participating tonight, Derpanater!

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Who needs to buy adult toys when you can just create your own via magic!?! Clearly, not Twilight Sparkle!

Thanks for joining us for the Luna challenge, Pabbles! See ya next time!

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Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, and what better to fight fire with than fire? Or in this case, fighting a mega-death super laser with another mega-death super laser of course! Though without Twi’s shield, Starlight wouldn’t have had the opportunity to return fire, so Shield’s are still probably the best preemptive defense in most cases.

Thank you xbi for joining us for the challenge today! Come by again soon!

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Well said, and swung Quickdraw! And Twilight seems both confused and well equipped! I wonder what has brought her to this state of being?

Many thanks to the two of you, Pabbles and person who left no personal info for me to link nor identify you with!

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Princess Cadance posing for a photoshoot while pregnant with Flurry. Even enlarged she is still drop dead gorgous!

Thank you, I swear it’s not a fetish, for this lovely submission.

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Dash in some DS inspired armor, and a very souls borne evoking image of Luna and presumably one of her miniboss underlings, amidst the legions of their slain enemies.

Thanks so much for doing some draws for us tonight you two! Hope you’re happy with your results, and we can’t wait to see you again soon!

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