You’ll never believe what happened last night

” :V two rulers of the world just blowin’ me, I tell you, it’s true! D: Phenomenal cosmic power, just slobberin’ on m’bone!”

Heh. Anyway, thanks for participating Sunny S.D.! Hope ya had fun!

We’ll see you all next time for more challenge! Bye for now~


Now THAT is a combo!

What a unique one! Wow XD the ultimate matriarch. No name with it though, hmmmm… Empress Hardboil? Emerald Overlord?

Thanks for participating S.F.W. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

See you all later for more stuff! Bye for now~


We gooooot a really impressive go of Thor’s sister Hela about to do horrible things to an army I believe. And Pabbles being a cheater :V using the God Horse. She too good tho, can’t say no to a good sun god.

Thanks for participating guys! Hope ya had fun~

We’ll see you all later for more stuff! Bye for now~


Sergeant 16-Bit did a lot of art! :D

Some of this is a bit risque, but it’s not something I’d classify as NSFW, so be a tad warned.

Sergeant really went all out with how much art he made! He and the other Ed Boys hung out quite a bit in the game room!

Sergeant 16-Bit is your Eddy and I believe Caleb The Dogman is Ed! They also work on some Sonic Paradox stuff!

I think a few art pieces are missing actually, one of the pieces of art of High Score, the Pixel Ponies mascot, and a pair of Sarge’s pictures a friend of his took a shine to. But otherwise that should be all the art from Trotcon this year!

Hope you all enjoyed participating and viewing all this art! It was a blast and we hope to see you all next year too!

A’ight so there’s this…

As y’know we post all sorts of stuff, so, if this isn’t your taste I hope you don’t dwell on it too much! There’s also a regular nudie pone at the end ;3

Again, we have some quality issues unfortunately. Not a lot to be done about it. Pencil just doesn’t always hold up amazingly. I even color adjusted most things uploaded from Trot!