The Luna Challenge this time is… The many roles of Tabitha St. Germain!

Though you may more commonly know her as the voices of Rarity and Princess Luna, Tabitha voices a ton of other characters on the show! Derpy, Suri Polomare, Cookie Crumbles, Mrs. Cake, Granny Smith, Photo Finish, A…Gravy Boat…

You’ve got 45 minutes to draw your favorite characters she’s voiced, and 15 minutes to submit!

NSFW art~

That pumpkin seems almost as happy as Dashy is! And I guess tentacle monsters really like sexy mummy outfits, eh? Or maybe just hot, athletic pegasi ponies in costume.

Either way, thanks so much for taking part in the Twilight challenge today, Pabbles! Come again anytime a challenge catches your eye!

Artist: Pabbles (

Today’s NSFW twilight challenge is…Sexy Mummy Costumes~!

Pretty straight forwards really, make them as sexy or lewd as you’d like! Naughty bits showing is entirely optional, but it’s gotta be sexy enough to earn that nsfw tag~!

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. Have fun!