NSFW art~

That pumpkin seems almost as happy as Dashy is! And I guess tentacle monsters really like sexy mummy outfits, eh? Or maybe just hot, athletic pegasi ponies in costume.

Either way, thanks so much for taking part in the Twilight challenge today, Pabbles! Come again anytime a challenge catches your eye!

Artist: Pabbles (https://twitter.com/pabbley)

Large orange thingers, yus.

Can horses eat pumpkins? I think so o.0’

Anyway, thanks for participating everyone! Hope you had fun! We’ll see you later for more challenge! Bye for now~

Artists Included:

Empyu (http://empyu.deviantart.com/)
Jargon Scott (http://jargwellprescott.tumblr.com/)
m0nster-c00kie (http://m0nster-c00kie.tumblr.com)
what (http://)
Pabbles (http://pabbley.tumblr.com)