The Twilight Challenge this time is… Rainbow Dash Shipping!

Everyone loves Rainbow Dash, and Rainbow Dash loves everyone.

Who should she be shipped with? Anyone you like!

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit!




Two lovely ponyloafs, one even has tea! Or coffee? Well, ┬áit’s some sort of hot beverage, that’s for sure!

Many thanks to our two participants for this one, Pabbles and Sunny Sidde-down! Glad you decide to drop by and take part! You’re welcome back anytime!

Pabbles (
Sunny Sidde-Down (

The Luna challenge tonight is…Ponyloafs!

Derpibooru’s direct definition as to what a ponyloaf is, is as follows: Detailed description:
A pony tucking their hooves under their body in a sitting position, much like a cat.

So, do that! Anyone you want, make em do the ponyloaf!

You have 30 minute to draw and 15 to submit! Have fun!

Come on Pinkie, stretch those legs! Just a few more reps!

Thanks for the submissions, everyone. Hope you had fun! We’ll see everyone for the next challenge!

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