Blood, Bats, and Beyond! I’d like to thank all our participants today, and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves! We hope to see you all again soon!

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m0nster-c00kie (http://pumpkin-somethin-art.tumblr)
Flashlighttwi (

Eating fries and watching fireflies, two more great pastimes to whittle away the time of the batpony!

Thank you dnon and Pabbles for participating in the Twilight challenge today! We hope to see you join us again for future challenges!

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dnon (
Pabbles (

More submissions!

We got the broken image… and others! Remember that generally submissions go to as not all our mods can access tumblr’s built-in submissions feature (security reasons, all that jazz).

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Bat…pony. Hah. In other news, didn’t AJ sing about a racist barn once? I could be imagining things… cider, y’know? Anyway, mangoes!

Thanks for the draws, and we’ll see you later with more challenge!

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