Well said, and swung Quickdraw! And Twilight seems both confused and well equipped! I wonder what has brought her to this state of being?

Many thanks to the two of you, Pabbles and person who left no personal info for me to link nor identify you with!

Pabbley (

NSFW art~!

Ah yes, the ever popular nipple bandages! Honestly it was harder to find reference images for this challenge that weren’t of this variety! Not that i’m complaining of course!

Thanks go out to Titty Tapes for this submission.

Artist: Titty Tapes (http://)

NSFW Art~!

Well, it’s for yesterday’s Twilight challenge, but whatever! Here is Quickdraw as a dude! And it look’s like he’s super eager to draw! I bet he never leaves home without that trusty piece of wood on him, eh?

Thanks quickcummies for the submission! Rather clever of you, too.

See y’all next time!

Artist: quickcummies (http://)


Self service and nervous innocence, suggestive but not entirely lewd!

Thank you for taking up this degenerate challenge, guiltyrainbow and Feather Belle isn’t lewd! Hope we see you ( and more of your amusing aliases ) in the future!

guiltyrainbow (http://)
Feather Belle isn’t lewd (http://)


Dashie blows a nice bubble, and in this second one I’m feeling rather flattered. See, Derp here made a R63 ponysona for me named Cyan Magenta some time ago, and that’s her blowing that bubble while listening to her tunes. So, extra special thanks to Derpanater on this challenge, and also thank you for participating as well Pabbles!

Pabbley (
Derpanater (


A gift for a jargon scott from the talented Pabbles! As he put it, this is, quote, ‘a smol study on what jargon scott’s big zeeb would be like as a anthro’, end quote. Thanks you for participating in this fun little holiday art gift challenge, Pabbles! Can’t wait to see you come round here again, bringing more awesome arts to grace our eyes.

Artist: Pabbbles ( )







…Gonna miss you, show.

We won’t be having a Twilight Challenge tonight. Since it will be happening at the same time, we encourage you all to watch the finale of Friendship is Magic instead.

But we’ll see you soon for the Luna Challenge!



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