NSFW art~!

Well, whatever it is that got her, it clearly filled Dashy enough to make her pregnant! Hopefully she can teach her future tentacle child to be a productive and helpful member of pony society, like Twilight did for Spike! Or she can start her own sex studio and/or store, with a very unique staff member~. Perhaps Fluttershy can help!

Many thanks to Pabbles for providing us with the tentacular art we got today!

Artist: Pabbles (https://twitter.com/pabbley)


Ah, so the origin story for a NEW hive of changelings! I like it! And it seems like Twilight does too~!

Thanks for taking part in today’s challenge, Pabbles! Looking forwards to seeing you join us again for more challenges!

Artist: Pabbles (https://twitter.com/pabbley)