Spooki Scari

Lions and vampires and zombies oh my!

Smoulder dressed up twice. Cuz second, later, party. Of course.

Thanks for participating guys! Hope ya had fun!

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WOO! Taking a drive to a beach it looks like, or at least in a tropical climate! That’s a good way to spend a day away from school for those cool cats!

Thank you elbenjaftw for taking part in this challenge! Hope you’ll join us again soon for more!

Artist: elbenjaftw (https://elbenjaftw.tumblr.com/)


At HippDonalds, you gotta work for your food! Swim to the window, then fly up to retrieve your order. Why not have both a fly-thru and a dive-thru? Lack of budget and poor company policy for customer service most likely. Also, add some more pounds to those hippogriff hips with the new Hipppounder! Available for a limited time only due to the equestrian department of health and well-being taking issue with possible obesity influencing names and ingredients.

Thanks so much for participating today Derpanater! Hope you had a great time, and we can’t wait to see you again for more challenges!

Artist: https://www.deviantart.com/dronehunter19

Indeed, Silverstream has only one true love, and it is stairs! Oh, if only she was around when Sombra still had a somewhat corporeal form! Perhaps his evil reign could have been curtailed, his heart guided towards a good cause, had these two met!

Thanks go out to Ponetistic and KD for their contributions today! Thanks you two! Hope you enjoyed yourselves, and hope you’ll join us again in the future for more challenges!

Artists Included:

Ponetistic (https://ponetistic.tumblr.com/)
KD (https://krystal-dragoness-art-corner.tumblr.com/)

Only one entry today, but oh boy is it a fun one! Plus, I can totally see that happening!

jcosneverexisted, thank you for this lovely image you’ve given us today. Hope you enjoyed yourself at least as much as Silvetstream seems to be enjoying herself, and that you’ll be back with us again real soon for more challenges!

Artists Included:

jcosneverexisted (http://jcosneverexisted.com/)