Fox vs Bunny! Horse vs Deer! Snake vs Snake CHARMER!
So many forms, but only one will win!!

Thanks to our participants, atryl, Empyu and xbi!

Stay tuned for the Twilight Challenge!

Artists Included:

atryl (
Empyu (
xbi (

There’s the Luna from our late friend :3 please message the challenge again with a way to contact you regarding a prize.

Also we’ve got a Sunset Pet from a challenge a bit back for part of the roundup! That should do for the night’s art!

As said prior we’re just waiting for everyone to respond before prizes get sent out =3

It’s just hugs! Don’t worry about it! She probably picked it up from Zecora or something.

What with hanging out in the everfree forest so much!


:’D what an amusing submission. Nice work.

We hope to see you later for more challenges! G’bye for now~

Artists Included:

Keboponda (