Lovely Lunas and even a traditional Twi! Not much cock tho! Perhaps cocks just aren’t as snuggly as rams or whatnot o3o

Thanks for participating everyone! Hope ya had fuuuuun~


Roundup starting now! You’ve got 24 hours to submit any fan art, art based on prior challenges, or updated pieces!

Box will be open the whole time, challenges will run as usual!

See ya~

Artists Included:

CowsRTasty (
Fancy (
Oloae (
Pabbles (

Oh ho, surprisingly nobody took the low hanging fruit on this one! A shame really, who doesn’t like a succulent banana hanging nicely in reach?

Looks like some possible dicks though still! Poor Lulu! 😮

Artists Included:

dogg (

There’s the Luna from our late friend :3 please message the challenge again with a way to contact you regarding a prize.

Also we’ve got a Sunset Pet from a challenge a bit back for part of the roundup! That should do for the night’s art!

As said prior we’re just waiting for everyone to respond before prizes get sent out =3

So many monkeyshines! All with moon horse! :’D guess there’s no surprise that there’d be so much overlap, eh?

I’ll contact folks about the prizes starting now, give it a few minutes and you should have a message!

Artists Included:

Nova Spark (

grieferTock (

M. Kogwheel (

kids in africa couldve eaten those games (
Empyu (http://)
BronyGuard (

G-Haze (

First comes the spicy ones!

Heh, monkeys and mischief… what more could you want from tricking the moon princess during the lunar new year in the year of the monkey~?

Artists Included:

Vanilla Cherry Cream (

Mr. i_edit_stuff_in_paint_with_a_mouse (http://doesn’t even fit the theme)

HollowNote (
dogg (