All she’s gotta do is look at ya to make your heart stop, no magic needed~

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NSFW Art~!

Umm, Trixie you lost your…actually, nevermind, it’s all good. And ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to our new school counselor!…I think she’s gonna be very popular~

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NSFW art~

Trixie is training herself well it seems! She’s even using forbidden fleshcrafting magic to morph herself into an abomination just to have a second anus to train with! What a gal, what a keeper! Starlight is soooo lucky!

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She’s actually less Pink than usual :B cheater.

Also, this Alicorn Trixie fell through the cracks yesterday! Lookin’ a lot more casual confident, eh? Hmmm. The character developed Trrrrixie~

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