Pinkie you can only eat those when you are acting as the bait….. i mean distraction….. yeah thats right. As for trixie and sunset well…… pocky kisses are cute! nom nom nom hehehe

thanks to both 32232232 and dnon for these cute pieces and see you all for the next challenge

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snacktime challenge

Sometimes you just need something to hold you over between meals….. or you want a midnight snack. I am sure luna and santa can really relate to that at least. Anyway tonights luna challenge is someone having a snack of some sort.

So take 30 minutes to draw someone having a snack then 15 to send it into the inbox. and of course as always have fun with it.

Nice!! The future looks really prepared for any environment! Space, combat, snuggles, you name it and there’s attire for any situation!!!

Thanks you everyone for the submissions! Hope to see ya again soon~

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