She may be a cellist but she’s also an excellent pianist.

Also she handles dick good.

Thanks for participating Empyu, hope you had fun!

Sorry for the lateness of this art post, was unable to stay awake, as I was not the original host of the Celestia challenge.

As a result of covering that it is unlikely we’ll have a Cadance Challenge today as well, though you can feel free to check back in case someone takes it up.


So many records! I wonder if Vinyl has the same record as Limestone. Maybe that’s what Dash used to get pumped up to break the ball bouncing record!

Thank you all for participating. I hope you all had fun!

And we hope to see you back here later for more challenges!!

Artists Included:

Doomgooey (http://)
Artiks (
Moonatik (

Nice!! The future looks really prepared for any environment! Space, combat, snuggles, you name it and there’s attire for any situation!!!

Thanks you everyone for the submissions! Hope to see ya again soon~

Artists Included:

Jargon Scott (
Grey (
Empyu (
Pabbles (

WOW!!! So many great submissions today!
I see that everyone enjoys there music in different ways. Thanks to everyone who submitted!!

Artists Included:

32232232 (
m0nster-c00kie (
Veesocks (
xbi (

We’ve gotten such good substitutes, Vinyl seems to have gotten better through the power of music!

Thanks to Starkdust, Eyso, and Pabbles for your submissions!

See you all soon for another challenge!

Artists Included:

Starkdust (
Eyso (
Pabbles (