SO, if the challenge reminder didn’t tip you off, this challenge is NSFW ONLY! You gotta draw ponies and bubblegum together in any way you can come up with that would be considered NSFW!

Maybe two ponies having a very passionate kiss with bubblegum added in? Or maybe Bubblegum Kiss the exceedingly stretchy OC pony! Or a pony made of bubblegum doing sexy things! Perhaps a pony using a dildo made of bubblegum? Seems almost like something Pinkie Pie might do….

Anyway, THAT’S the challenge, so go get drawing! 45 minutes to draw, and 15 to submit!  

The Cadence challenge today is pony archaeology! 

Anypony, doing anything that an equine archaeologist would do! Digging for bones like Petunia Paleo, or venturing into forgotten temples like Daring Do does! Or anything else you can think of!

45 minutes to dig up some ideas, and 15 minutes to get them to the museum for their display!  Good luck, and be careful of potential dinosaurs!