Today’ s Twilight challenge is…Wing Blades!

Be they metal wings, wing covers, armor with blades attached, mechanical wings, magic, or anything else you can think of!

30 minutes to draw, 15 to submit.


NSFW art~

That pumpkin seems almost as happy as Dashy is! And I guess tentacle monsters really like sexy mummy outfits, eh? Or maybe just hot, athletic pegasi ponies in costume.

Either way, thanks so much for taking part in the Twilight challenge today, Pabbles! Come again anytime a challenge catches your eye!

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Today’s NSFW twilight challenge is…Sexy Mummy Costumes~!

Pretty straight forwards really, make them as sexy or lewd as you’d like! Naughty bits showing is entirely optional, but it’s gotta be sexy enough to earn that nsfw tag~!

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit. Have fun!



Ah, so the origin story for a NEW hive of changelings! I like it! And it seems like Twilight does too~!

Thanks for taking part in today’s challenge, Pabbles! Looking forwards to seeing you join us again for more challenges!

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Today’s Twilight challenge is…Changeling origins!

So, I found this. Take a good look, see all the little details and whatnot. This is showing two different, yet similar ways in which Changelings ( or evil pony clones, so close enough ) are born from…trees.

SO, is this nightmare fuel the truth behind our buggy friends? Or do you have some better idea of how they came into being?

You have 45 minutes to draw, and 15 to submit.


Looks like Lil’Pip knows how to avoid the fate of Fluttershy there, always remember to change your equine batteries!

Thanks for taking part in this challenge, Antimation and Derpanater! Hope you guys drop by again soon for more challenges!

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NSFW art~

Battery powered and battery powered fun!

Thanks go out to Pabbles and ShineyFilthyWork for their participation in this challenge! Glad you guys took part, and hope you show up again soon!

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Today’s Non-pony Twilight challenge is…Moon’s Haunted!

The meme’s been around for a long time, but with the Shadowkeep expansion of Destiny 2, it’s been brought back up in a big way, even being part of their marketing campaign!

Anyway, so, the moon’s haunted…so what are you gonna do about it? Know anybody who can help? Got somebody to call? Maybe know a friendly ghost to help you out? Maybe talk to someone with first-hoof experience from years spent on the moon? Whatever you want really!

45 minutes to draw, 15 to submit!


Today’s Luna challenge is…Equestrian police Reports!

Crazy stuff happens every day in equestria! So what must it be like to be on the police force? Having to write up reports on this stuff all the time!?! Getting first-hoof experience at crime scenes and probably even getting swept up in the chaos as it happens!

you have 45 minutes to draw and 15 to submit. Have fun!